Iridescent starts today! See the main highlights of the festival

Iridescent starts today! See the main highlights of the festival

Iridescent starts at the National Center for Dance Bucharest and we are waiting for you. Discover the main highlights of a festival with many premieres, celebrating the transformative power of dance and ideas.

3 performances from Aerowaves Twenty23

The CNDB brings to the festival 3 performances selected in the Twenty23 edition of the prestigious Aerowaves, the European contemporary dance network.

Ioanna Paraskevopoulou’s MOS invites us into a world of sound, cinematic landscapes and everyday objects, while Dominik Więcek’s Café Müller takes us into the world of fanfiction, in a tribute to Pina Bausch, but with humour. The third Aerowaves show brought to Bucharest is Jean-Baptiste Baele’s Nabinam, a choreographic solo in which the Madagascar-born artist tells the story of his adoption in Belgium. They are held on 8, 12 and 18 November in Iridescent and are not to be missed!

Adriana Butoi back on stage in Romania

Actress Adriana Butoi returns, after many years, on a Romanian stage, more precisely at the Bulandra Theatre, with the show Kill the Fucking Bill(s) on November 2nd. Adriana has been working in Mexico as an interdisciplinary artist since 2011 and proposes a performance inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, which will transform the Liviu Ciulei Hall into a space of struggle against the systems that caused the failure of personal and collective utopias in history.

The show marking the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Artists Mercedes Peón and Janet Novás will meet you on 21 November at the Odeon Theatre, in a performance that combines the ritual of music and dance with current and powerful themes: identity, belonging, gender. Mercedes máis eu is a work in which every pulse and every tone, every voice and every silence gives us the measure of the sensitivity of the two artists and engages us in a playful trance from which we don’t want to come out too soon.

The premiere of the Academy of Dance and Performance

Young artists who graduated from the only regional dance and performance training program, the Academy of Dance and Performance, prepared a performance under the direction of choreographer Ioana Marchidan. If you come to the Bodies on the line premiere on November 14 you will (re)meet Anca Stoica, Sergiu Diță, Alexandra Zavelea, Hunor Varga and Eva Danciu, who will talk & dance about being an independent artist, with personal stories and situations that anyone can find themselves in.

An auto-bio-choreo-graphic performance

Renowned French creator Jérôme Bel recounts his own life in the world of dance… in someone else’s interpretation! Jérôme Bel’s performance has travelled around the world in this way: in each country where the performance took place, other performers and directors performed and staged the Jérôme Bel character-show. In the Romanian version, the performer is Cristian Nanculescu. Come on 10 November to follow Nanci in a play in which “me is the other”.

Workshops for professionals

Artists Dominik Więcek, Jean-Baptiste Baele, Janet Novás and Moritz Ostruschnjak are each preparing a workshop in Iridescent, which means a total of 4 opportunities for professional Romanian dancers and performers to get in touch with new methods and practices. Dominik encourages the participants to imagine they are taking part in a non-existent performance on the stage of the Wuppertal Opera, while Jean-Baptiste proposes a technique for performing movements with minimum effort and maximum impact. Janet will immerse the performers in a body that enjoys and takes risks without fear of failure, while Moritz will disabuse them of their status as image-makers. It’s all happening in Iridescent on November 11, 17, 22 and December 29-1.

Other reconfigurations of the sensible

In addition to many other powerful performances, Iridescent brings you other kinds of events, such as Ioana Păun’s dream box (Dreamers performance), the explorative discussion on irreversibility moderated by Constantin Vică or the Ideas for Planet Earth marathon, with over 25 public voices coming with messages, statements and ideas to inspire us to imagine a better future. Plus you’re invited to party in Apollo111 and to the screening of Without expectations at Elvire Popesco!


  • 1- 8.11 |  Dreamers – Ioana Păun (RO)  | CNDB
  • 2.11 | Kill the Fucking Bill(s) – Adriana Butoi (RO/MX) | Teatrul Bulandra, Sala Izvor
  • 2-4.11 | Artwork  – Florin Flueraș (RO) | SAC/Malmaison
  • 6.11 | Patosfera – Mădălina Dan (RO) | CNDB
  • 8.11 | MOS – Ioanna Paraskevopoulou (GR) | CNDB
  • 10.11 | Jérôme Bel – Jérôme Bel (FR) | CNDB
  • 12.11 | Café Müller – Dominik Więcek (PL) | CNDB
  • 14.11 | Bodies on the line – Ioana Marchidan (RO) | CNDB
  • 16.11 | TransLucid – Paula Dunker (RO) | CNDB
  • 18.11 | Nabinam – Jean-Baptiste Baele (NO) |  CNDB
  • 19.11 | Dansuri mici | CNDB
  • 21.11 | Mercedes máis eu – Janet Novás & Mercedes Peón (SP) | Teatrul Odeon
  • 23.11 | BLOT – Simona Deaconescu & Vanesa Goodman (RO/CA) | Apollo111
  • 24.11 | Made for Happiness – Iva Sveshtarova & Willy Prager (BG) | CNDB
  • 25.11 | Shamebox – Iva Sveshtarova & Willy Prager (BG) | CNDB
  • 28.11 | Tanzanweisungen – Moritz Ostruschnjak (DE) | CNDB

Workshops for professionals:

Conferences and other reconfigurations of the sensitive:

Party and concert:

  • 14.11 | Concert & afterparty
  • 23.11 | CNDB x Apollo111


So, 23 events, a month of exploration time that we invite you to treat yourself with! See what catches your eye in the full schedule and Save November for Dance!

With the support of:
Ministry of Culture, Aerowaves, AFCN, National Culture Fund Bulgaria, ARCUB, PMB, STB, Odeon Theatre, Bulandra Theatre, APOLLO 111, SAC, Atelierele Malmaison, Solitude Project, Cervantes Institute, French Institute Paris, French Institute Romania, Goethe-Institut, Franco-German Fund, BLZT, Polish Institute, Hotel Duke

Main media partners:
TVR, Radio Guerrilla

Media partners:
ELLE, Radio România Cultural, Scena9, Revista Arta, Zile și Nopți, Black Rhino Radio, The Institute, RFI Romania, Happ.ro, Zeppelin, ISCOADA, Liternet, CUTRA, Modernism.ro, Films in Frame

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