The Producer Programme is starting!

The Producer Programme is starting!

On Monday, February 6, we begin the Academy of Dance and Performance Producer Program, dedicated to those who want to become professional in performing arts production, with a focus on dance and performance

New training, new students

Selected following an open call, the 7 trainees with different but complementary professional backgrounds – management, cultural production, film directing, curating, education – will embark on a theoretical and practical learning path, structured in modules and running for 3 months until May.

Alexandra Manole, Anca Turtoi, Dan Iliuță, Daniel Dragomir, Marta Gheleșel, Teona Milicevic and Elena Peneva make up the first generation of producers we are training.

Module 1: General context of production in performing arts/contemporary dance

Focusing on the theoretical notions that any good producer must master, the first module provides an overview of the field: public policies and creative practices, dance production in the international space, the design of a dance festival or an artistic portfolio, the role of international networks in cultural mobility.

Among the professors invited to give lectures and workshops during the module, we mention Corina Șuteu (cultural policy expert), Marijana Cvetkovic (founder of Nomad Dance Academy and co-founder of Stanica-Service for Contemporary Dance) and Alexandra Schmidt (cultural manager).

They are joined by part of our team (in the introductory preludes) and numerous arts professionals (in q&a workshops).

Module 2: Producer tools

Oana Radu (manager and cultural consultant), Elena Calistru (president of Funky Citizens), Raluca Iacob (manager and cultural expert), Lucian Vărșăndan (director of the German Theatre in Timișoara), Demeter András (Secretary of State at the Ministry of Culture) or Ștefan Teișanu (cultural entrepreneur, executive director of the Cluj Cultural Centre) are just a few of the guests who will accompany the trainees in deepening and practising the practical issues of the cultural system, from contracting/budgeting and grant writing to local/central administration and audience development.

Module 3: Institutions

Institutions such as ICR, AFCN, INCFC, UMP, but also European institutions will be explored during the last module, in meetings with experts such as Irina Cios, Delia Mucică, Ovidiu Dajbog Miron or Sorin Enuș.

Also here, students will do internships in various institutions. The spaces invited in the programme represent opportunities for the beneficiaries to assist with the production of dance, dance-theatre or performance works and to practice the knowledge & skills developed during this time.

A guided tour

Developed by Corina Șuteu, as programme director, the architecture of the Producers Programme is a guided pathway within which learners can access and improve their organic skills.

The 7 beneficiaries will receive constant feedback from us, through the team of mentors made up of Carmen Coțofană, Andreea Andrei and Laura Trocan, and will have, in addition to courses and workshops, tutoring sessions, networking meetings or impromptu samples.


Through the Academy Dance and Performance, with its two sub-programmes, the Dancers Programme and the Producers Programme, we are trying to develop a new generation of performers and producers to the highest standards.

For the latter, we provide them with consistent resources, a friendly environment and our full support to succeed in today’s performance landscape.

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