What kind of body do I imagine?

Online class
With Andreea Belu

90 mins.


The National Center for Dance Bucharest offers you through the CNDB ONLINE program a new course open to the general public, regardless of the level of experience.

Supported by choreographer Andreea Belu, What kind of body do I imagine? is a 90-minute course that uses basic principles from Pilates, Yoga and body awareness techniques to practice and increase awareness in aspects such as posture, muscle rebalancing, static and dynamic balance, relaxation and physical integration of hearing-based information.

“We start from positioning themes, we work actively, muscular and articular, then we add another layer, that of breathing and fluidity of movement, to finally express the exact opposite: physical awareness, in the absence of muscular effort.” – Andreea Belu

Andreea Belu is a choreographer and performer of contemporary dance, her activity being driven by her interest in educating body consciousness, developing body intelligence by preparing her for the diversity of movement patterns. She graduated with a bachelor’s and, respectively, a master’s degree from the choreography department of the U.N.A.T.C. “I. L. Caragiale ”from Bucharest and the bachelor’s program at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, also in Bucharest. She has been teaching contemporary dance, contact Improvisation, Pilates and Yoga for over 10 years. Over time, she has collaborated as a performer, teacher and student with the National Center for Dance Bucharest, 4Culture Association, The Paintbrush Factory, The Workshop Foundation (Hungary), North Karelia College (Finland), University of Arts in Târgu Mureș, Tangaj Dance Collective, German State Theater in Timisoara. She is the co-coordinator of the project +2017 [about body, love and contemporary dance] and of the DanceCloud platform. She creates stage movements for theater plays, collaborating with institutions such as: Szigligeti Theater Oradea, Bucharest National Theater, Metropolis Theater, Matei Vişniec Theater Suceava.

20 lei/ session
75 lei/ subscription for 4 sessions

If you want to attend a single session, the ticket is purchased until that day at 13.00; and season tickets are purchased until May 5 at 13.00.

The classes take place online, through the ZOOM platform.

Please install the ZOOM application on a computer or phone with video and sound camera. For the best sound quality, please turn off the microphone during the course.

Limit: 30 places

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