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At the National Center for Dance Bucharest, archiving dance becomes an essential part of contemporary dance history. We open dance boxes, lost and saved archives, which recover important parts of the activity of some choreographers, dancers, choreographic art collectives and re-maps the map of institutions which produced, hosted and promoted contemporary dance shows. The exposition “Dance Archives: Open for inventori/reinvention*!” (*untranslatable world play).

Resource cube: novel  dance documents and artifacts – photographs, video materials, press excerpts, working journals, booklets, posters, from the historical fund (1900-2000) and  National Center for Dance Bucharest’s contemporary fund (2004-present), bring to light various dance archiving forms and gestures, which originate in the duality of the relationship between documentation and disappearing, between archiving practices and those for reactivating documents.  

From document to show: video projections of shows produced by  National Center for Dance Bucharest, which regenerate dance histories through reenactment: The Hammer without a Master, Reenacting Lizica Codreanu, Vera Proca-Ciortea, Tribute to Iris Barbura, Trixy Checais and the Sang History of Romanian Dance.  

Scanning the archive: documentary-experimental photography exhibition, by Cornel Lazia, through a digital archeology of certain moments in Romanian dance history. The digitization/ scanning techniques absorb the original photographic image and co-produce a map of intermediate temporalities and visual reinterpretations. Selective displacement of pixels reactivate latent layers of the document and open the opportunity for a new type of regenerative archive.

Starting with 7.00 pm, Dr. Irene Brandenburg, researcher at the Department of Museology and Dance Studies from the Salzburg University and curator of the Derra de Morroda Dance Archives in Salzburg, will talk about the challenges related to a dance archives from the point of view of preserving, visibility and usability of the dance documents for research, availability for the general public and art projects. 


PUNCH, Republic of Architects, Atelier Vast, Holver.

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Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN)
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