The Choir

Workshop with Adriana Gheorghe

July, 19th and August 2nd – CNDB, 18:00
July 20, 26, 27 – Anca Poterașu Gallery, 18:00


“Out of clear necessity, I would call on you to stay together for a while.”

CNDB invites you to a performative workshop on the dynamics of sensitive language, situated somatic knowledge and poetry, coordinated by Adriana Gheorghe.

“My artistic practice is full of the voices, the smell and the gestures of others, absent ones; I would call on you for a little peace.
I would propose a time and meeting places in which to research our own relationship with language and experience, a performative and poetic framework in which language becomes a matter of location or movement, time or haunting, safe or unsafe. (The two dimensions, performativity and poetry, meet very easily as a type of concentration and intensity and jumps).
In a literal moment of renegotiation of the structures of reality, of oversaturation for the discursive-cognitive dimension that self-denounces its limits, in a moment of blatant continuous adaptation to the unknown that has become explicit and of rediscovering the quality of event (perishable catastrophe) inherent to the body, presence and to the present, these days, I would propose practices for using performativity as a grid of reading and action in reality.

Buildings in her personal past shout too loudly for her on the street – Ma’am, ma’am, look at us.

From this perspective, everything that is announced in a way is and isn’t exactly what is declared; there is, if we know how to breathe, a space for reformulation and imagination in which we are invited to participate and everything that is language (verbal, visual, thinking) is deeply hybridized by the relationship with the somatic, by the attention paid to the perceptual, affective and intuitive level. Let’s grow our body first. And volume. From this perspective, there is no dichotomy, cognition and situated somatic knowledge coexist; also, there are no separate individuals, consciousnesses and bodies, there is a dynamic renegotiation between interiors and atmosphere, and language becomes an intuitive and physical hybrid matter of distance, occupation, location, accompaniment, presence, temporality and especially a matter of movement.

Choral alliances of the haunted by one’s own perspective with vocal bodies haunted by many other perspectives, sometimes we allow language to be a matter of sufficient fixation and revelatory clarification, in dialogue with someone else or in the moving inner monologue. Sometimes, rather alienation and counter-intuition… Sometimes, a concept thrown away in time already begins the transformational process before the others come in flesh and blood and energy on Sunday at 18, at CNDB, other times it is preferable only a coherent gesture grieving and overwhelming – to reflect on the concept of body or meeting. Sometimes not.

Thank you for the imagination of you.” (Adriana Gheorghe)

Adriana Gheorghe abuses theater, theory and life, mixing them; she works in performance and writing, on the edge of them. The theory becomes serious and irreverent, theater is and is not theater, but participation in life becomes possible and sometimes even participation in the reconfiguration of society or reality (more precisely the consciousness of nonlinearity and other invisible connections in motion).

All her activities so far, from poetry / speculative theology / performative theory and visual fiction to hybrid performances in galleries and in black box contexts or performance curating and performance research are reformulations of the same continuous preoccupation for performativity research, understood as the affective frequency of attention.

She has presented her works at the Atar Museum Tel Aviv, Essen Pact, Brut Vienna, ZKM Karlsruhe, Pa-f St Erme, KuLe Berlin, Akademie Solitude, TanzFaktur Cologne, ICR Berlin, Anca Poterașu, Tranzit, Project Salon, Superfinite, Paintbrush Factory, ODD, CNDB, MNAC etc. In 2019 she published the artist’s book “False Hours” (PUNCH).Participation is free of charge and is done with a registration email at: .
The number of participants is limited to 12, in accordance with the current legislation.

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