Square of Will in Square of Love // False Hours // Unsorcery

  • Performance
  • Book launch
  • Free entrance

120 mins.


The book launch for ‘False Hours’ by Adriana Gheorghe,‘Square of Will in Square of Love – Texts, Notes, Drawings by Alina Popa’ (editor Florin Flueras) and ‘Unsorcery’ by Alina Popa and Florin Flueras, published by PUNCH (www.p-u-n-c-h.ro)

“Square of Will in Square of Love”  is a selection of texts and drawings by Alina Popa, edited by Florin Flueraș. Most texts are more poetic and personal than those previously published by Alina, an unclassifiable mix of styles, subjects and mediums – theory, poetry, drawing, fiction, diary notes.

“Unsorcery” composes and explores sorceries that could overcome or transcend some contemporary realities and subjectivities. It is an “Artworld” involved in a productive alienation of the concept of experience and thought experience. “Unsorcery” is a medium in which Alina Popa and Florin Flueraș worked together, each following its own trajectory, developing their own practices, texts and performances around the concepts of Life Programing, Artworlds, Black Hyperbox, Second Body, Dead Thinking, End Dream.

Florin Flueras will perform short fragments from the performances and practices that he developed alongside Alina in connection with the texts included in „Unsorcery”.

“False hours” is a book, closer to a poetry volume, and a performative practice, closer to a way of life. Thursday, December 5th, there will be a performance in falsetto for the launch of the “book of hours”. The different formats (poetry, theory, performance, life), registers (visibility, invisible, presence, absence, somatic, affect) or conventions (reading, writing, performing, receiving, interiority, exteriority), the context for everything planned at the launch, will be irreverently and gravely abused, in order to release the world as we know it and to increase the potential of a new consciousness. A non-psychological love.  The book continues a performative practice several years old, which, last summer, took an aggravated form of intuitive curatorship through the program “Duration Live Theory”, at the Salonul de proiect, recently reformulated through the “Imagine Human” platform or people curation (in several spaces in Bucharest), and represents an ultimate exaggeration of it. 

Co-financed by
‘Flase Hours’ and ‘Square of Will in Square of Love’ – published by PUNCH with the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN), ArtEncounters Foundation and Solitude Project Cultural Association

With support from
National Center for Dance Bucharest and Suprainfinit Gallery

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