Slowstepper – On the Edge of Survival

  • Dance & performance
  • Part of the festival News from Polska #4

50 mins.


„Slowstepper – On the Edge of Survival” is a choreographic analysis of the human survival factors through movement and pushing the human body over the limits of resistance – to the threshold of his physical being.

The performance is part of the 4th edition of the “News from Polska” Festival, which will take place during October 8 and October 13, 2019. Organized every other year, this year’s edition of the festival is called “The Choreographic Theories”. The representations and performances chosen for the “News from Polska” program are a selection of the most recent accomplishments of young Polish artists. Viewers will find among them examples of modern art, which do not deny their origins and bring homage to their masters.

Choreography & performance: Hygin Delimat
Music: NASA, Karol Kensee (remix of Alice Coltrane)
Rui Horta
Light design: Marcin Denkiewicz

Premiere date
April 4th, 2018, Arts Printing House Vilnius

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