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„RosenKabarett” is the most recent production of the intergenerational team “Varsta4”. The show starts from the performers’ most significant memories – from the personal, community-based and political experiences that made an impact on them. A grandmother that you never met; a father arrested more than 50 times; a sermon by your grandfather at the synagogue; the last letter sent by your grandmother from the ghetto; the day you won a car; the day you jumped from the balcony; the day you ended up crippled; the disease that does not allow you to go nor to school, not to work; a life-long love; a life without love. „RosenKabarett” investigates the way elders related to the past, to family and identity, to love and to sickness, to memory and to forgetting. Everything in a cabaret-collage of memories, documents, songs and dance.

In August 2009, an interdisciplinary group of artists came to visit “Moses Rosen” – the jewish community home for elders, in order to meet the people living there and to ask them to view a theater show. Ten years later, the artists and the residents form a solid collective – they participated together in artistic activities of various natures (storytelling workshops, theater, dance, film, photography, collage, drawing etc.) and laid the groundwork for the “Varsta4” community art program and produced nine theater and dance shows.

Light design: Alexandros Raptis

Iudith Ardeleanu, Marius Armașu, Mihaela Bîrlegi, Anuța Brill, Ioseph Cotnăreanu, Margareta Eschenazy, Mathilda Iaroslavitz, Marius Rădulescu, Lippa Baroti Segal, Marcu Solomon, Pompiliu Sterian, Dorotea Weissbuch, Vlad Arghir, Carmen Coțofană, Paul Dunca, Irina Gâdiuță, Alice Monica Marinescu, Lucia Mărneanu, Mihaela Michailov, Katia Pascariu, David Schwartz, Maria Sgârcitu.

Vârsta4 & ADO Association

The event is part of the project „Vârsta4: primul deceniu -dansăm comunitar de 10 ani” (4th age: first age – 10 years community dance).

Co-financed by
Administration of the National Cultural Fund
The project does not necessarily represent the position of The Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The Administration of the National Cultural Fund is not responsible for the content of the project or the manner in which the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the funding recipient.

„Amalia și șef rabin dr. Moses Rosen” Home, National Center for Dance Bucharest, Educational Theater Center Replika, State Jewish Theater

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