Portrait of the artist as a young influencer

  • Theater
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75 mins.


The show investigates the dynamics of intimacy, addiction and fame, experienced by girls and women on social media and it is built as an answer to questions that address our real identity, compared to the one we project online in a controlled manner.

The process of this show explored the performance space as a potential safe space – offline – for the team of the show, partially consisting of persons who work and are known, first of all, online.

Three performers are on stage, young artists and online creator from Romania:

Ilinca Manolache, actress, won the UNITER prize for best actress in a supporting role 2016;
Corina Sucarov, musician and model, singer in +SHE+, Karpov not Kasparov, finalist of the “Bravo, ai Stil” show;
Oana Maria Zaharia, musician and model, singer in Poetrip.

The director of the piece is Adriana Radu, founder of SEXUL vs BARZA (SEX vs STORK).

With over 10 million views of over 100 clips with educational and cultural content, the Youtube channel SEXUL vs BARZA is the most important source of information regarding feminism, sexual education and rights related to reproductions for teenagers and young adults in Romania. 

SEXUL vs BARZA is one of the few Romanian language sources that encourage a critical social and cultural thinking, offering feminist analyses of classical literature, as well as mass cultural products appealing to the general public, like hip-hop lyrics or popular TV shows. 

Direction: Adriana Radu
Text: Adriana Radu, with contributions from Corina Sucarov & Oana Maria Zaharia
Scenography: Thomas Felletschin
Costumes: Corina Sucarov
Make-up: Ioana Roman
Hair stylist: Cosmin Benchea
Stage movement: Mădălina Dan
Artistic consultant: Alice Monica Marinescu
Musical illustration: Ștefan Botezatu
Light design: Alexandros Raptis
Graphic design: Studio Fluid

Ilinca Manolache, Corina Sucarov, Oana Maria Zaharia

SEXUL vs BARZA, Centrul Naţional al Dansului Bucureşti (CNDB)

Premiere date
February 29, 2020

Funded by
European Cultural Foundation, through the program Courageous Citizens.

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