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  • Part of the project Distances and proximities

10 min.


Trained as a dancer and choreographer, the artist Eduard Gabia returns to the stage of the Bucharest National Center for Dance Bucharest in a double hypostatis: that of performer of the initial version of the work “Outcome”, by Manuel Pelmuș, which he revisits with his own body after 20 years, and that of an author who enters his own work for the first time – “8 days a week” – 15 years after its premiere at the Kaaitheater Brussels in 2006.
The two performances will be presented as a double bill, on July 16 and 17 at CNDB.

“Outcome by Manuel Pelmuș is one of the most daring choreographic works created in the early 2000s in Romanian contemporary dance. Outcome was seen as a kind of short circuit, a shock, which for many of the young choreographers and critics of that time produced a disruption of the French aesthetics, which had really left its mark on Romanian choreography after the project “La Danse en Voyage”, organized in Bucharest in the early 90’s.

Manuel Pelmuș considers that this is the first piece that debates what choreography means for him, the body’s standing in society, artistic and political influences, all in which “a manner of choreographic thinking materializes, closer to the performance of visual arts and certain conceptual searches in choreography”. The artists talks about Outcome as a work that informed and influences everything he did afterwards, even if in different forms or setups:

“Outcome started a form of critical reflection towards the means of artistic production and the conventions and context in which they take place. The main merit (if not all of it) for the work is Eduard Gabia’s. We were friends and, one day, I told him about my idea. Edi was very open and pervious, he fully understood the artistic proposal, even if the concept was quite uncommon for him, but for me as well. What followed was a period of rehearsals and discussions, during which the piece evolved naturally, supported also by Edi excellent performance abilities. It was not a working process in the traditional sense, one in which I showed some moves and he tried to do them as well as he could. It was more of a process of accumulation, in which we fed each other ideas and feelings, adding movement details as we went along, and finally everything came together as Outcome. I remember that we talked about the relationship between object and subject, between presence and expression, between body and context.” (Manuel Pelmuș, 2020)

Concept and choreography: Manuel Pelmuș
Light design: Alexandros Raptis

Eduard Gabia

Performance presented within the project Distances and proximities.

Produced by
The National Center for Dance Bucharest (CNDB)

Co-financed by

Administration of the National Cultural Fund
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A single ticket purchase grants you access to both performances presented that day.

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