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10 min.

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CNDB ONLINE continues with a dance short film whose inspiration comes from the artist’s own experience during the lockdown period.

Simona Dabija: “I wanted to spread the message that while you accept and believe your own guiding system, based on real feelings and conscience, you can find your way back whenever you feel you get side pulled by your own fears and insecurity.

For some of us, the lockdown made us almost get lost in a closed space or maybe in our own minds.

In the end, this project is about getting lost, but finding a purpose, using motivational life quotes as an ironic and superficial perspective on life. 

It’s about finding a way out from your self-made lockdown, and about having the power to make you own decisions and to take your own risks.

We will watch the film together on CNDB’s Facebook page. For the live-stream link, click here.

Direction and choreography: Simona Dabija
Director of photography: Madalina Paun
Composer and sound designer: Calin Topa
Editing: Madalina Paun si Mihai Draghici
Image assistent: Mihai Draghici

Mariana Gavriciuc, Filip Stoica, Camelia Neagoe si Simona Dabija

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