Online course of contemporary dance

With Andreea Novac

90 min.

© Adnana Cruceanu


We are launching a series of online contemporary dance and movement courses with choreographer Andreea Novac, which are adapted to the current context of physical and social isolation, in the hope that we will get close(r) to each other through dance.

** We are aware that nothing will be able to replace the immediate contact and the direct relationship between students and choreographers, between the public and the artists. We miss resuming the ritual of our weekly meetings, hosting these meetings. Until this is possible again, we are happy to be able to bring new dance classes within the online space. **

Andreea Novac:

“The contemporary dance course, which I will hold online at CNDB, approaches the body as an open space to be explored. The first part of the course is dedicated to simple and effective physical training. In the second part, in a verbally guided context, with a stake in everyone’s imagination and availability, we will discover the path to a creative and personal movement, based on mental relaxation and physical availability.

Every Thursday, starting with 19.00, I propose a series of refined meetings through imagination, sensitivity and creativity, a context for different ideas and diverse bodies, movement and dance, as we like, enjoy and do well. ”

Andreea Novac is a choreographer and performer. She lives and works in Bucharest. She studied psychology and then choreography. Her performance pieces -“Dance a playful body”, “Pretend we make you happy”, “On tenderness”, “37 minutes of make believe”, “A truth, a lie and a list of possibilities” – were presented on national and international stages. She benefited from scholarships and creative residencies abroad (Italy, Great Britain, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary), scholarships for research on movement in Italy and passed, over the years, through a considerable number of contemporary dance workshops. She creates choreography for film and theater.

20 lei/ session
75 lei/ subscription for 4 sessions

If you want to attend a single session, the ticket is purchased until that day at 13.00; and season tickets are purchased until May 5 at 13.00.

The courses take place online, through the ZOOM platform.

Please install the ZOOM application on a computer or phone with video and sound camera. For the best sound quality, please turn off the microphone during the course.

Limit: 30 places

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