ODR [Ode to Radical Performance]

  • Dance & performance
  • Within the PEARLS, PARADOXES AND ECSTASY festival, part of the Triumf Amiria project. Muzeul Culturii Queer
  • Hosted event
  • Free entry based on reservation

70 min.

©Alina Ușurelu


ORP is based primarily on the performers’ personal experiences, and it references lesser or better known LGBTQ+ histories.

Can you include in a show all the eternal gratitude and appreciation for the non-conforming bodies that, through the resistance of the dance, built the scene on which you are moving now? It’s impossible, but you will definitely have to pay trib-ute to them. Repeat after me: “The arms become the tool. The tool that will tell a sto-ry! ”- thanks Javier Ninja! “Let your mane continue your sentences” – thanks Leiomy Maldonado! “Forget your ego!” – Thanks Willie Ninja! Bow down in front of every-thing that means icon and everything that was in front of you, “because even those who left, walk on the catwalk among us” – thank you Benji Hart!

ORP deals with the ballroom culture, focusing on its roots, heritage and the ways in which it was born and has worked ever since as a resistance movement. It deals a lot with matters of cultural appreciation and appropriation, allowing the au-dience to partake in an exercise of self-questioning. The show itself is self-aware and questions its own validation given the mostly white context it has been brought to life, while drawing on black and latinx LGBTQ+ communities’ heritage. 

It contextualises on the basis of trans and queer experiences in Romania and shows how much the night and dance scene give these communities a sense of belonging, a sense of family and home. Flashy and professional dance moments of Waacking and Voguing intertwine with powerful text insertions that build on per-sonal experience and empirical research. It may often break your heart and force you to pick up the pieces on the floor while dancing to electronic beats.

By: Irina Milan, Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker, Waana Neagu, Raj Alexandru/Ramya, Alex Bălă și Octavian
Music: Alex Bălă
Costumes: Andrei Dinu

Produced by

A part of the queer theater festival PEARLS, PARADOXES AND ECSTASY organized within the Triumf Amiria. Muzeul Culturii Queer [?] project. TRIUMF AMIRIA. Muzeul Culturii Queer [?] is a project which aims to reclaim the queer cultural production of the past 20 years, focused in three directions: literature, visual arts and performative arts, started by Asociația MozaiQ in partnership with Muzeul Național al Literaturii Române, Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană, Centrul de Teatru Educațional Replika and artist Kjersti Vetterstad (Norway). The project offers all throughout 2021, a series of events meant to underline the importance of queer culture in decades past, but also to encourage new cultural productions through exhibits, workshops, guided tours, theater shows and performances, public readings and networking events. This project is financed with the support of EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 within the RO-CULTURE programs.

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