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45 mins.


The fifth edition of the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, the only Romanian cinematographic initiative dedicated to dance movies, will take place between September 4 and September 8, in Bucharest.


cine(dance)concert with archival films and Karpov not Kasparov

A program curated in partnership with the Dance Archives: Open for inventory/ reinvention!, a project initiated by the National Center for Dance Bucharest and co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The filmographic materials come from the National Film Archive collection. Section curators: Corina Cimpoieru, CNDB Archive Responsible, and Bogdan Movileanu, National Film Archive Editor.

A radiography of dance film, represented  by 16 archival productions created between 1927 and 1972.

One of the most celebrated films from the selection is the comedy “Lache in harem” (1928, directed by Marcel Blossoms), during which one will be able to follow fleeting states of the dance in synch with the “new media” of the silent cinema of the ‘20s, starring Elena Penescu Liciu (first ballerina from the Cluj Opera House), alongside Cărăbuș Theater’s ballet troupe.

The “artistic actuality” of the dance is promoted in Romanian journals, projected in film halls before feature films. Shows like the one by Japanese dancer Masamy Kumy, by Aaron Copland American Ballet Theater or by London Burre Fantasy ballet troupe, are part of a collage of international recitals that can be watched for the first time during the cine(dance)concert projections.

The films will be shown as part of a Karpov not Kasparov cine-concert. One of the most internationally appreciated Romanian synth pop/dance/ electronic music acts, Karpov not Kasparov performed, during the past years, in clubs and at festivals all over Europe. Their sound is reminiscent of the ‘80s disco – optimistic and dance-able. This year, Karpov not Kasparov accepted the BIDFF invitation for a cine-concert starting from the The Dance Archives within the National Center for Dance Bucharest Archive.

Photography: Alina Ușurelu

Tangaj Dance Association

Co-financed by
Administration of the National Cultural Fund
The project does not necessarily represent the position of The Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The Administration of the National Cultural Fund is not responsible for the content of the project or the manner in which the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the funding recipient.

National Center for Dance Bucharest, The Dance Archives, French Institute in Bucharest – Cinema Elvira Popesco, Peasant Museum, Fabrica, Fabrica Gastropub, Cervantes Institute in Bucharest, Apollo 111, LINOTIP – Independent Choreographic Center, Cinedans Amsterdam (Cinedans on Tour), Fiver International Screendance Movement.

With support from
National Center of Cinematography, Conceptual Lab, ADFR – Association for the Development of Romanian Film, DHL, Techir and Super – Festival of films made by teenagers.

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