Imagine Human: black box

  • Dance & performance
  • Hosted event
  • Free entrance
  • Part of the project Imagine Human

180 mins.


6 performative frequencies in black box

The performance platform “Imagine Human”, created by Adriana Gheorghe, as a part of her performative practice, schedules for October 13-18 a double take on performative research, individually and in proximity of the Romanian artists constantly involved in the program, between Anca Poterașu gallery and  National Center for Dance Bucharest. If in the gallery, each of them curates one day, at  National Center for Dance Bucharest the project takes the form of two events – the performance of the invited artist Jassem Hindi, Tuesday, October 15, and on Friday, October 18, starting from 7.00pm, the “Stere Popescu” hall will host “Imagine Human: Black Box”, the opening of the performative research, individually and in proximity of the Romanian artists constantly involved in the program, on six different performative frequencies.

Anca Bucur: “0 (zero) voids into a square, which is a black soil”

Anca Bucur works indeterminately with different mediums, combining conceptual trajectories and research areas. She has a background in literature and philosophy, areas to which she returns in unruly convolutions, trying to bring them together and displace them by ruminating them with various discourses and thought geometries. Her practice unfolds along the co-presences that language, sound, performance and visuals individually bring together. Currently, she interested in the ecology of void and the metaphysics of darkness, aiming to discover the material residue that they shelter.

Adriana Gheorghe: “False Hours”
(Falsetto – a register higher than the regular one, exaggerated space, angelic).

With an irreverent sense of the hybrid between theory and practice, living art and life, Adriana Gheorge dedicates to the research of a continuous performative practice.

Cristian Nanculescu: “A dance ajar and a form of non-artificial intelligence”

Cristian Nanculescu: Since 2005, once I graduated from the faculty of cartography, he explores the coreographics art in a performative, non-academic and practical way.

Cosmina Moroșan feat. Solar Anticorp (Anticorp Solar): Skin and alliance
The vitality of the story of the three: “amour, vertige, sérénité”.  Through the poetry of looking at space (asymmetric-beneficially infinite), in which something might surprisingly aling/ “in a moment” – a lecture-performance updating the ontology of technical objects from a Simondonian perspective. Intersect volatile-surprising sound developments, matching acting-objects, micro-narrations of/ through language, with a plural attention to the infim.

Cosmina Moroșan: Tried to select/ create real medium for dialogues/ groups as deeply transformative events or processes.

Ioana Gheorghiu:
I heard / I bit
Action, lines and sounds are interchangeable. The medium is a traversable housing.
L’homme – aid deplassé pour / de l’objet
Leonid Malashkin – “Oh, if only I could express myself through sound”
Opening, Epiglottis
Performativity as opening makes possible a consensus built on the spot, an obvious act of disassembly and reassembly which catches and surprises those present – viewers and actors. The epiglottis, the second mouth, the internal mouth, the opening that precedes speech, interested in visceral somatic manifestation. Language – sublime when it happens.

Info on the event:
Backwater is a part of a river that is not yet reached by the current, but because I entered into the river through it, with the boat, it was called “preparation”.
Backwater. This is not a lake, it is backwater, it is the preparation of a lake. The before-lake”.

Ioana Gheorghiu conceptually crosses the temporal means of performance, using the instruments of visual arts to act at the intersection between language, sound and body. Sound wise, she composes sequences resembling radio theater and sonorous poetry.

Nicoleta Moise:
“Where are we? where? There is a where, because we are, stubbornly, and have been, and who are we, if not you and me?
Where are we? In the middle, at the beginning, the end? who is we? is it you plus me, or something else expendable, explosive, the salt and the pepper of our thoughts, the something that may outlast our divinities? I have never been here, where a pleasure boat rocks in the heat, and you have never been in my aunt’s garden, where have you been then? We went out to look for you and you were sleeping by the fountain. Where was the moonlight? Where the anguish?” (Etel Adnan, There, In the light and the Darkness of the self of the Other).

Nicoleta Moise is an artist. She works with text, photography, video and performance. Co-founder of CUTRA magazine.

If the first person invited to the “Imagine Human” platform, the choreographer Susanne Grau, brought the “carry on” black box, in the waiting space and horizon from Tranzit and in the space continuously reformulated by Romanian artists, and the artist couple Krõõt Juurak and Alex Bailey made the scenic convention coincide with the real intimacy of a family with a small child, fantastically expanding the notion of artistic affective work, and the notion of work, in general. If Sina Seifee performatively hacks conventions taking the speculative theological discourse and practice into a coffee shop/ bar in Bucharest, and Jassem Hindi brings  “the poetry of death and oracle performance as dance” on the Stere Popescu scene, between October 13-18, the six permanent artists from “Imagine Human” propose a derivation of their individual performative practices between Anca Poterașu Gallery, where each curates for a day, and the  National Center for Dance Bucharest black-box.

“Imagine Human” or curating contexts as “performative frequencies”, where life and living art can meet in a different manner, leading to new forms of (aesthetic) life crossed multiple concrete spaces in Bucharest, from the Tranzit Gallery, to  National Center for Dance Bucharest, and then to Cristina Vasilescu’s “House with 19 doors”, followed by Anca Poterașu Gallery and back to  National Center for Dance Bucharest.

“Imagine Human” means more than knowledge and multiple spaces and types of attentions (concrete contexts and conventions, continuously changing), but before everything else it is an affective and imaginative space which vibrates inside a permanent group of artists interested in performance and performativity  as a force that transgresses format and perception and imagines new alliances and societies that then open concentrically. They are: Adriana Gheorghe, Anca Bucur, Cosmina Moroșanu, Cristian Nanculescu, Ioana Gheorghiu and Nicoleta Moise. They are in between fields (poetry, choreography, theory, visual arts) and each formulates continuously the common frequency.

What if the human was not something that needs to be exceeded, but, on the contrary, something that is being imagined. What if performance and performativity wouldn’t be abused notions (impossible in the Romanian language) and would become frequencies that would bring closer the human side and imagination and would make possible transgressive poetic and political actions. What if performing and receiving a performance would, simultaneously, be an invitation to reformulate and imagine one’s own subjectivity.

Anca Bucur, Adriana Gheorghe, Cristian Nanculescu, Cosmina Moroșan, Ioana Gheorghiu, Nicoleta Moise

Photo credits
Vlad Brăteanu

National Center for Dance Bucharest, tranzit.ro, Anca Poterașu Gallery, Beans&Dots, Cristina Vasilescu.

Organised by
Solitude Project Cultural Association

Co-financed by
Administration of the National Cultural Fund
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