Déracinés / Broken from the Roots

  • Theater
  • Romania – France season

90 mins.


“No country, no mother!”

What does it mean to live away from the country you were born in? No talking the language of the country you live in? To be THE OTHER, the one that, in the collective vision, is not part of the “majority”?

Citizens freedom of movement (a fundamental value of modern Europe), the migration caused by the armed conflicts in the Middle East, globalization or the permanent HUMAN need to move, since the oldest of times, to find his place somewhere else than the country of origin, represented, in recent years, subjects largely debated and analyzed, in most European societies and beyond. 

Through the lens of artists’ various experiences and cultural luggage, but having a common language, the theater, the Déracinés / Broken from the Roots show was born.

Bogdan Zamfir is an actor of Romanian origins. His activity mostly takes place in French speaking countries (France and Belgium). He worked together with Joel Pommerat, Gianina Cărbunariu or Christophe Sermet (for theater) – Lucie Borleteau, Xavier Giannoli and Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne and Radu Jude (movies). Déracinés / Broken from the Roots is his first project as director-author.

Text and direction: Bogdan Zamfir

Audric Chapus, Fanny Cuvelier, Zita Moldovan,Annah Schaeffer, Bogdan Zamfir

Special mentions

The show is played in French, Romanian, Romani, with subtitles in Romanian and French.

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