• Dans & performance
  • Hosted event
  • Free entrance

120 mins.


This is the 9th meeting from the CORPZero series, an ongoing project based on performative meetings.

It is an improvisation evening, during which we will fill the space with movement, music and any other information that will be created spontaneously and thrown towards us.

It will be generated alongside yourselves. It is not necessary to have experience in arts. You are free to take part or just watch. You choose. You feel. The space is open to any intervention.

We rely on an exchange of ideas to stimulate the public interest for performative arts.

8.00pm – Improv – corpzero bodies (around 20-30 minutes)
8.30pm – Improv alongside audience (around 20-30 minutes)
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Delazero Association is an umbrella created by a group of young artists, coming together from different art and show areas (contemporary dance, theater and movie directors, scenographers, sound design and music creation).

Andreea Novac
Judith State
Virginia Negru
Mariana Gavriciuc
Camelia Neagoe
Filip Stoica

Live music composed and performed by:
Al’iikhwa ra

Delazero Association

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