Contemporary dance classes

With Andreea Novac
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October 28 – December 2, 2019
January 20 – February 10, 2020
March 2 – 31, 2020

on Mondays, between 19:00 – 21:00


The contemporary dance course approaches the body as an open space, to be explored, a space capable of surprising and being surprised, escaping the daily routine and habits. I propose a refined meeting through imagination, sensitivity and creativity, a context for ideas and bodies, movement and dance. In addition to the creative and artistic dimension, the course brings all the benefits of physical exercise that dance involves: better knowledge and use of one’s body, working with weight and gravity, correcting any wrong postures, pain relief, coordination, placement, motor imagination, a correct and complex training.

Andreea Novac is a choreographer and performer. She lives and works in Bucharest. She studied psychology and then choreography. Her performances – “Dance a playful body”, “Pretend we make you happy”, “On tenderness”, “37 minutes of make believe”, “A truth, a lie and a list of possibilities” – were shown on national and international stages. She benefited from scholarships and creative residencies abroad (Italy, Great Britain, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary), scholarships for research on movement in Italy and passed, over the years, through a considerable number of contemporary dance workshops. She creates choreography for film and theater.

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