Conscious body, semantics of movement, rhythm exercises and critical thinking

Workshop with Alexandra Pirici

© Andrei Dinu (Alexandra Pirici, Aggregate, 2017-2019, exhibition view Art Basel Messeplatz)


The CNDB Dance and Performance Academy presents a special workshop, open to dancers and performers with a professional background, but also to other artists or students interested in the area of performing practices that come from visual arts or other areas.

The premise is the deconstruction of a false separation of practice theory, of analytical and critical thinking of movement, corporeality and intuition. We try to move a body that includes both thoughts and socio-political reflections, which contains and expands the environment in which it exists and reflects, implicitly, on it. The course therefore proposes exercises for awareness and theorizing the body in relation to the environment, rhythm exercises, a type of training that combines different motion practices (from areas including non-western and non-dance) but also exercises for analyzing works of art (performative or in other environments).

Alexandra Pirici is an artist with a background in choreography, who works undisciplined, crossing different environments. Her works have been exhibited at the Skulptur Projekte Munster 2017 art exhibition, the Venice Biennale – Romanian Pavilion, at the 55th edition, Tate Modern London, New Museum – New York, the 9th Berlin Biennale, Manifesto 10 , Center Pompidou – Paris, Museum Ludwig Köln, Russian Museum of St. Petersburg, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, Warsaw Museum of Modern Art – among many others. Exploring both the history and the function of gestures in visual arts and popular culture, Alexandra Pirici choreographs “ongoing actions” and complex “performative environments” that combine dance, sculpture, spoken language and music. Pirici frequently addresses the history of specific places in order to provoke and transform existing hierarchies.

Access to this workshop is open and free. The selection will be made based on the registration form, within the available places.
Înscriere: https://forms.gle/1kDsWateZyzkxR1RA.
Deadline: November 12, 2019

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