CNDB on tour in Craiova

  • Dance & performance

September 20-22, 2019


The National Dance Center Bucharest comes to the National Theater “Marin Sorescu” in Craiova, with focus on Paul Dunca, queer body activist artist. Between September 20 and September 22, come to discover two shows from the Romanian LGBT history: At the Institute of Change and After Traian and Decebal, followed by a Fluid concert – as a weapon against civic neutrality.

“Paul choreographs are not about dance, as we picture it, but about movement, about understanding what the body can and does and to follow it through space. He seeks something fluid, clean, a mental flow.”  (Cristian Lupșa – Decât o Revistă #24)

“Human bodies – technical-vital systems – are the only platforms that make possible the materialization of the political imagination (from the “At the Institute of Change” manifesto)

“These are shows so powerful through their subject that they act as a lesson worthy to be learned and passed forward. Being different is not something wrong and we need to repeat this often, especially in the context of the current traditional family issues.”  (Cătălina Miciu – scena9.ro)

Paul Dunca was born in Bucharest where he lives and works. After graduating from the National University of Theater and Film  « I.L.Caragiale » (choreography section) and UNATC’s Dramatic writing master, he wanted to experience everything. This is the reason why his work is eclectic and includes a diversified expression: from being a waiter to hosting his own TV show on MTV, from community art and go-go to representing Romania as a performer at the Venice Art Biennial, from articles in glossy magazine and roles in local movies to shows at the National Dance Center Bucharest and at Judson Church in New York. End of the day, he is happy when he can be useful.

AT THE CHANGE INSTITUTEI // September 20, 2019 // 7.00pm

A bio-info show by Paul Dunca which is based on investigating, documenting and archiving personal stories, from the local reality, especially regarding the transgender Romanian community.

The work relies on the problem of assuming one’s body/ sexuality/ gender identity and the conflict between the intimate story of the body and the public perception, presenting a community currently completely invisible in Romania.

  • Direction and coordination: Paul Dunca
  • By/ With: Mădălina Brândușe, Carmen Coțofană, Renate Dinu, Paul Dunca, Alice Monica Marinescu, Maria Mora, Ada Mușat & Vava Ștefănescu
  • Live music: Chlorys & Monica Ivanov
  • Associated artist: Mihaela Michailov

Duration: 50 mins

AFTER TRAIAN AND DECEBAL – From the Book of Gay History in Romania // September 21, 2019 // 7.00pm 
A performing textbook by Mihaela Michailov and Paul Dunca

How was the gay life before 1989 in Romania? Which were the meeting places? Which were the social rituals and oppression structures? How did article 200 act, in making sexual life invisible, by punishing, with prison time from 1 to 5 years, sexual relation between same gender persons. How could you be who you were, living in an identity anonymity? How did the abuse against the right to identity continue after 1989?

“After Traian and Decebal” is an archive of the private stories that define a political system that sets the boundaries, frictions and limitations of living in an apartment. It is the performance of the collision between intimate life with abusive laws. It is the told history, put together from pieces of memories, of the witnesses exposed to the control of their day to day lives. The paradox of invisibility worked perfectly. Although it was forbidden, the gay life existed in Romania.

  • With: Paul Dunca și Katia Pascariu
  • Advisor: Florin Buhuceanu
  • Set&design: Andrei Dinu

Duration: 50 mins

LET’S FOCUS ON PAUL DUNCA // September 22, 2019 // 7.00pm

A presentation of the choreographer’s artistic course, made by Daniel Kozak.

Daniel Kozak is a communication expert and is involved in multiple cultural and independent projects. He worked for the National Dance Center, Unteatru theater and the Romanian pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale in 2019. Currently, he is the communication director of the Timisoara 2021, European Capital of Culture program.

FLUID – PERFORMATIVE CONCERT // September 22, 2019 // 7.30pm

FLUID (b.2016) – Bucharest-based queer act – represent the collaboration between Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker (performer, choreographer, playwriter), Alex Bălă (musician) and other crooked creatures. Using sound, music and microphone as a weapon against civic neutrality, FLUID is within the techno-faggothique neo-type. The live shows of the duo include various stages and events: Coop. Theater MACAZ bar, POINT theater, Sala Dalles within the Eco Delta Dunării project, Street Delivery 2016, Bucharest Pride 2016, Queer Night, Voila psychiatry hospital (for the project “Normality, what a brutal word” – MNAC), Teatrul de Vară CAPITOL, Amural Festival 3 & 4 /2017+2018 (Brașov), WE WILL NOT CHANGE OUR SHOW exposition, One Gallery, Sofia and two weddings.

Duration: 50 mins

„Marin Sorescu” National Theater Craiova

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