Call of pink

  • Film
  • CNDB Online

41 min.


Winner of the title “Best Romanian Film” at the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2020, the next film in the CNDB ONLINE series, “Call of Pink”, shows that life is a game, not an ordinary one where you can determine the story, space and characters , but one that comes with opportunities and pitfalls, with gains and losses, a game that we must play at every moment, a game in which we are rooted.

Sometimes we choose the virtual space in order to escape reality, but in the end it turns out to be just a way to avoid the real game, our everyday life. We see the big changes as new levels in our lives and we don’t have the option to skip, our only choice is to play. So, the “Call of Pink” comes with the positive point of view that the world needs to overcome the real life levels, which we all know are the hardest to pass. Anyway, some details such as creativity and fun are the things we should keep as weapons for reality.”

We will watch the film together on CNDB’s Facebook page. For the live-stream link, click here.

Choreography: Anastasiu Denisa, Maria-Luiza Dimulescu
Cinematography: Cătălin Rugină
Music and sound design: Adrian Piciorea

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