Discover CNDB Itinerant. The center is where you dance.

Discover CNDB Itinerant. <strong>The center is where you dance.</strong>

The CNDB Itinerant performance season presents choreographic works and performances created by artists and produced by independent structures not only at our headquarters in Bd. Mărășești, but also in other venues in Bucharest or in the country.
Discover the calendar of performances scheduled in the next period.

1 & 8.03 | moving [m]others @ ARCUB

Some things seem obvious, but they still need to be underlined. March 1 and 8 are not about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way we perceive that power, about taking ownership and freedom of choice.

Not at all by chance, on 1 and 8 March, the CNDB presents moving [m]others at ARCUB., a layered, cumulative and unpredictable performative installation, a question-driven journey that embraces the chaos and foreboding of motherhood.

4.03 | Luați de VAL…s @ HEARTH

Luați de VAL…s is a dance piece performed in the Kerim House and inspired by its architecture and history. In addition to the house in Parfumului 19, Alexandra Mihaela Dancs and Vlad Benescu let themselves be carried away by the waves of the Black Sea during their long surf sessions.

Being carried away by the waves thus becomes an artistic practice.

Admission is free, reservation by email to or by phone, 0724293708.

The capacity of the space is 15 seats.

12.03 | Less might be more, but sometimes less is just nothing @ CNDB 

Less might be more, but sometimes less is just nothing is a work by Bulgarian choreographer Willy Prager inspired by the disco band Zoom, founded in 1973 in Spain.

The performance, at the intersection of visual art and disco dance culture, questions the principle of modernity in contemporary art by proposing “less is more”.

The restrictions of the pandemic that have brought less communication, less interaction, less interpretation, less criticism, less demonstration, fewer participants, less… makes this performance question this thesis and explore whether less is still more or whether it is nothing.

26.03 | Humans | Bodies | Images @ CNDB  

Drawing on choreographer Ioana Marchidan’s personal experience at ballet school, Humans | Bodies | Images questions how we relate to the body in art, fashion, media, education and within the family, offering a broader perspective on the impact of body shaming today.

31.03 | Double-bill: Outcome & Reverse Discourse @ LINOTIP

Outcome, by Manuel Pelmuș, is one of the most daring choreographic works to appear in the early 2000s in Romanian contemporary dance, by its proposal to short-circuiting the typical aestheticism of the time. Almost 20 years after its premiere, the piece was revived in the CNDB Academy of Dance and Performance in 2020.

Reverse discourse is a performance about body politics in which Ioana Marchidan identifies and brings to the surface deeply rooted gestures, in order to unravel and decompose them through a bodily glide towards an abstract choreography. The piece proposes cataloguing and re-editing the memory of the submission, of the suppression and repression of the meanings of gestures, and integrates the audience as participants in the dialogue, as submissive observers.

The center is where you dance. The center can be anywhere.

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