Cyber-Body-Systems: Open Research & Open Call for testing technology interactions and their impact

Cyber-Body-Systems: Open Research & Open Call for testing technology interactions and their impact

Cyber-Body-Systems Open Research, the first stage of the Cyber-Body-Systems project, invites the audience in June (23 – 30) at the National Center for Dance Bucharest (Mărășești 80-82 Boulevard), to take part in a series of tests designed to investigate our relation with technology and the process of sensemaking based on these interactions. Our multidisciplinary team has also prepared multiple exercises based on different VR/XR/EEG experiences and sensors, and will collect feedback from all participants. 

Artists Daniela Brill (Columbia) and Ciprian Făcăeru (România), curators Dr. Claudia Schnugg (AT) and Andrei Tudose (RO), alongside scientific consultant Alexandra Sofonea (RO), will talk about their project and the way this research can help us understand the impact of technology in our lives at a deeper level, exploring human-technology interactions through performative exercises, and how can art reflect these experiences and can be used in future performative endeavors.

During the Open Research stage, the team will showcase different technologies used in the DIGI-Sense project developed at JKU Linz and some new proposals, in order to investigate the relationship we have with the ever-so-present technology around us, in order to assess its impact on how we relate to and connect with our surroundings (both digital and non-digital) through the means of trans-disciplinary artistic research, developing new understandings of what interactivity means in art, its role both in artistic creation as well as exhibiting artworks, and creating a potential reference model for artist to further develop for new media artworks.

Open Research is a free access event! We encourage the general audience and also the professionals to come, enjoy and participate! Facebook event HERE.

About Marginal Association
Marginal Association is a non-profit cultural organization that aims to support, promote and extend bridges between artists and various agents from other fields, with a focus on the humanities, i.e. the implications of science and technology in socio-cultural structures.
Sabina Suru, post-digital artist, together with Andrei Tudose, cultural manager and curator, constitute the core team of Marginal, whose aim is to aggregate a collaborative network that (re)unites fields not always associated with art – such as science and technology – and the public, in a participatory way, questioning current societal issues and the still present paradigm of the audience-viewer.


About the Cyber-Body-Systems project team

Daniela Brill (CO/ AT) – artist
Daniela Brill Estrada, artist and researcher from Bogotá, lives in Vienna. Interested in the complexity of science and the aesthetics of non-hierarchical structures, she explores the origin of life, astrobiology and the physics of life. She uses the changing subject matter to discuss Western culture’s taxonomies of life and non-life.

Ciprian Făcăeru (RO) – artist
Ciprian Făcăeru, research assistant at CINETIc, UNATC and co-founder of Augmented Space Agency, studies scenographic design for interactive and XR media technologies. Virtual space architect and new media artist, his research focuses on emerging new media technologies and their social impact.

Alexandra Sofonea (RO) – scientific consultant
Alexandra Sofonea, multidisciplinary researcher and psychologist, collaborates with LDCAPEI. She addresses actor psychology and psycho-emotional health in her PhD and uses methods from neuroscience and psychology. She works as a neuroscience research assistant and NET facilitator with adolescents.

Dr Claudia Schnugg (AT) – co-curator
Dr Claudia Schnugg, independent researcher and curator, is an ArtScience expert at the Joint Research Center, Ispra. Specializing in art & science projects, she explores artistic interventions in social and organizational contexts. She has collaborated with institutions such as Science Gallery, European Space Agency and Ars Electronica.

Andrei Tudose (RO) – co-curator
Andrei Tudose, curator and cultural manager, co-founder of Marginal and VAGon. He develops projects at the intersection of art, science and technology, promoting positive societal change. With a transdisciplinary approach based on marketing, sociology and visual studies, he facilitates artistic exploration and critical discussion of contemporary issues.

Cyber-Body-Systems is co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration – AFCN.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.
AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the programme may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the grantee.

Partners: National Dance Centre Bucharest, Johannes Kepler University Linz – Institute of Business Informatics – Data & Knowledge Engineering, National University of Theatre and Cinema “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest, Austrian Cultural Forum, Augmented Space Agency.

Media partners: Radio România Cultural, Zile și Nopți, Curatorial, Mindcraft Stories, Munteanu

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