Come and train (yourself) at CNDB!

Come and train (yourself) at CNDB!

In the absence of a framework – infrastructure, programs – that offers the possibility of a constant and accessible body training, as a basis and catalyst for creation and creativity, the National Center for Dance Bucharest initiates a program for artists in the dance community, based on the principle of sharing practices and participation.

More specifically, starting with February 8, we open the hall (or studio) in Bd. Mărășești 80-82 twice a week, for free physical training sessions in which anyone from the dance and performing arts community can participate and everyone is invited to contribute.

Thus, each session will be coordinated by an artist who will share their body training practices with the other participants. Coordinating a training session is done freely, by rotation and voluntary registration. Participation is free, without prior registration.

No taxes, no fees.

This program is not focused on directions of creation, research, composition, and it doesn’t directly target the artistic production and does not promote a body style or method, but is based instead on the plurality of proposals coming from the community, for the community.

Alexandra Mihaela Dancs, Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Cristina Lilienfeld, Cristian Nanculescu, Virginia Negru, Răzvan Rotaru, Filip Stoica and Eliza Trefaș have already confirmed their participation and that they will also be coordinating training sessions.

Tuesday & Thursday, 10 am-12pm
[from February 8 to March 17] *

Registration for training session coordination by e-mail to .

*with the possibility of extension and perpetuation, depending on interest and participation, adapted to the availability and schedule of CNDB spaces

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