Call for collaboration: film at Sala Omnia

Call for collaboration: film at Sala Omnia

Call for collaboration ( light & set design;  videography)

CNDB is looking to partner in collaboration 2 artists who would support a site-specific dance film project in OMNIA, part of the Dance me to the End of… programme, under the coordination of the Berlin-based choreographers Jan Burkhardt și Sigal Zouk.

We are looking for a professional with expertise in light design and a good eye for set. You could also be a visual artist who has some experience with these media.Important is an improvisational mind, favor of minimalism, efficiency in time and clarity. We would like to use light and set in very simple ways, without bigger extra technical material and production effort.

Secondly, we are looking for a professional who would film the choreography. Together with the choreographers, we would develop a concept of filming rehearsals (more or less one hour per day presence during rehearsal period), but also for the choreographic production that will take shape towards the end of the rehearsal period. The project requiers an availability of 1-2 hours / day, with the note that this time frame will intensify towards the end. For the video, as well, we would like to keep simple and rather minimalistic.

The editing will be separate from this task.


21 august – for an evening rehearsal 

22 – 31 august – full day (10-18h)


We expect your CV or portfolio at

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them over the same email address.

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