Audition for a contemporary dance performance

Audition for a contemporary dance performance

The National Center for Dance Bucharest invites professional dancers and performers to audition for a new contemporary dance performance, a co-production CNDB – “Andrei Muresanu” Theatre – Sfântu Gheorghe: “Memetics” (working title), choreographed by Sergiu Diță.

The work “Memetics” (working title) will explore contemporary digital culture and the body it creates, based on algorithms in the online environment. A study of internet memes, culture and slang.

Sergiu Diță is an emerging performer and choreographer working in the independent area. His artistic practice focuses on using pop culture as an element of social critique. He works both on his own productions (MANual, NEO-KITSCH, Pop Recycling Body Work) and on theatrical productions (Individual compus, r. Andrei Măjeri; Visul, r. Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu).

We are looking for dancers and performers who:
‣ have experience in contemporary dance and performing arts
‣ are available for rehearsals in the following periods:

  • in March 2024 – rehearsals in Bucharest at the CNDB
  • in April 2024 – rehearsals in Sfântu Gheorghe at the “Andrei Mureșanu” Theatre
  • the premiere will take place at the “Andrei Mureșanu” Theatre in Sfântu Gheorghe at the end of April 2024, and then at the CNDB in the first half of May 2024 (we also mention that we intend to schedule at least 5 performances of the show during 2024).

To audition, please send your CV or biography and contact details (email address, phone number) to .

Auditions will take place at CNDB – National Dance Centre Bucharest, Sala Stere Popescu (Bulevardul Mărășești nr. 80-82, Sector 4, Bucharest), on 1 February 2024, between 4pm and 7pm.

Deadline for audition applications: 28 January 2024.

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