#1DecemberCultural National Day at the CNDB!

#1DecemberCultural National Day at the CNDB!

#1DecemberCultural National Day at the CNDB!

All cultural institutions under the Ministry of Culture have prepared a special programme for December 1st.

Here is our schedule, presented during the Iridescent Festival:

Screening of the documentary film O întâmplare cu jazz, directed by Mircea Albuțiu.
29 November, 20:00, Elvire Popesco Cinema – French Institute (77 Dacia Boulevard)

The film is the result of a meeting between dancer and choreographer Miriam Răducanu and photographer Mircea Albuțiu, who worked together for eight months in 2017 on a jazz theme, inspired by a 1959 Miles Davis video from Robert Herridge’s studio in NY. Fascinated by the figure and gestures of the famous jazzman, Miriam Răducanu sacrifices sleepless nights, sketches characters through her dance, recalls a life of passions and betrayals, and with her last dance, dedicates a “So what” to the world.

1 December, 10:00 – Workshop with Moritz Ostruschnjak

The copy & paste button will become our new leitmotif. We will take on the current dictum to copy and move from inventor to thief. Taken from the happy hunting ground of the World Wide Web, every movement, every sound, every image will be possible prey for us. From contemporary choreography to cheerleading, from the video game Fortnite to shampoo ads, from viral dance moves to the globally commercialized pose of Michelangelo’s David.

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