Dancey, with a chance of duet

Text înscris în concursul #vazutlaCNDB 2016.

I went to see the dance show “Drive-by Duet” by Mihaela Dancs and Andreea David, two artists with an extensive background in the performative arts, a show I hoped would grant me a much needed escape from the strict and boring white cube. As I took my place in the auditorium, I felt relieved to be rid of artist statements and mindless art show chit-chat.

The show kicks off with a heavy yet rhythmic rock song that immediately contaminates David and Dancs, whose moves reflect the mood of the music. Each of them is in tune with the song, but not in tune with each other. I watch them as I tap my foot to the alert rhythm of the music that flows without any particular coherence: rock, oldies, cheesy tunes and cool vibes, the only common element being that everything is dancey and it carries the performers to unsuspected heights of movement. They explore each beat by each instrument in each melody with a unthinking and liberating dance which sends them in all corners of the stage. The girls are in perfect sync with the music, but not with each other!

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